Why Is It so Hard to Concentrate in a Conference Call?

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Why can’t we just concentrate on being on a conference call?

Mute Makes it Easy to Zone Out

InterCall discovered that much of the reason that people tend to play up and not pay attention when they are on a conference call, is because they can mute themselves.  It’s a bit like knowing that Mom can’t hear you—people are less likely to behave as they should when nobody can see or hear them.

This is also the reason that many respondents said that they preferred to use a mobile device over a landline phone—because not all landline phones can be muted.

We Talk to Other People at the Same Time!

Sixty-nine percent of people said that they use the mute button so that they can talk to someone else. Imagine how rude that would seem if we did that in the middle of physical, face-to-face meetings!

Technology Has Changed the Way We Communicate

As put by InterCall’s Executive Vice President of Conferencing and Collaboration, Rob Bellmar, technology has changed the way that we communicate, and it has made communication faster and easier. This, however, may have come at a cost. When we confuse activity with productivity, and we forget that quantity and quality are two distinctly different things, we fall into the trap of doing more and getting less.

We Aren’t Quick Enough to Change When Something Isn’t Working.

If you are that bored on a conference call that you want to be doing something—anything—else, then you might find that the problem is bigger than just your attention span. Chances are that if you are bored, most of the other people on the call are too. In order to really have an inspired and motivational conversation, everyone needs to be fully in the room—even if they are not there physically.

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