Why productivity-app savvy companies have the competitive edge

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Productivity apps
Productivity apps such as MobileDay are giving businesses a competitive edge

In a recent study published by Salesforce Research, it was noted in the key findings that companies that are fast to adapt to new technologies—things like productivity apps and automation tools—have a competitive edge. The main observation here, was that smaller companies have an advantage over larger ones because they are able to be more nimble when it comes to changing processes and simply testing out new things.

According to Salesforce Research, the highest performing small business sales and service teams are those that are adopting technology at a fast rate. Being small and agile means that new ideas and tools can be implemented much more quickly, and this is showing in overall performance.

New technology—especially tools that are designed and produced with productivity in mind—can help businesses with less people on the ground to automate processes and therefore make leaps where they were previously making baby-steps.

The marketing dept. rules when it comes to being productivity app savvy!

Thirty-four percent of marketers working for small businesses would call themselves “heavy tech adopters.”This was only true for 29 percent of sales people and 22 percent of service employees. When asked “why?” 34 percent of marketers said that they think predictive analytics are very important in order to create a sound customer experience.

Sales professionals who considered themselves to be heavy tech adopters said that in moving away from the more antiquated systems and towards more agile tools they were able to better meet the needs of prospects. When broken down, 41 percent of the sales people in high-performing teams were self-identified heavy tech adopters compared to just 26 percent in moderate to low performing teams.

Productivity app hunting tips:

– Stay on top of the market by regularly looking for new and improved technologies.

– Use social media and public forums to hear about tools other professionals are using.

– Pay attention to “Top Productivity App … ” lists.

– Don’t be afraid of technology. The worst that can happen in most cases is that you will download an app, discover that it is not for you, and uninstall it. No biggy really, is it?

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Productivity apps
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