Why talking on the phone can help your business

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talking on the phoneEmail is quick. Slack is even quicker. Talking, however, is often the most effective form of communication. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that your tone of voice can relay information that text cannot. This saves second guessing on how someone really feels about what you are discussing. Another prominent reason, is that it is much easier to like people when you are actually talking to them.

A study done by the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), suggested voice is used to communicate emotions to others. Furthermore, it found that people actually listen to  their own voices to gather information on how they are feeling themselves.

How many times have you read an email or a text and thought that the person who sent it must have been mad about something?

How many times after discussing it with them have you understood that they were not mad at all, but the feeling had been lost in the text?

How many times have you received a seething email complaint from a customer, only to discover that if you pick up the phone and talk to them they are actually rather rational and friendly human beings?

It all comes down to talking being one of the most naturally “human” things we can do. It’s good to talk.

Your perception of a person—be it good or bad—changes when you hear that person speak. Their voice will tell you if they are excited, happy, sad, angry, or confused.

Talking allows us to give out and receive the maximum bang for our buck as far as communication is concerned. Talking takes you closer to actually knowing the person to whom you are speaking better. For this reason, you might consider picking up the phone rather than sending that email.

Talking sales: pick up the phone

This is especially useful knowledge if you work in the field of sales. You should want to build a long-lasting relationship of trust with a prospect, so take the time to actually talk to them. You will get closer to knowing them as a real person—rather than just a prospect or a potential path to a bigger bonus.

If the decision that your prospect is having to make around your product is a big and important one, they are going to garner a lot of trust and confidence from your voice. Way more than they could do via email.

In the office, and out: Call don’t text

We can all be a little guilty of Slacking. I mean the app of course. Slack is fabulous, fast, and fun to use. It is also far easier than opening, writing, sending emails—especially if your reply is only a couple of words long.

But Slack misses that human connection a little, and if you work remotely or are not seeing your colleagues on a daily basis, you might want to consider calling them and talking every once in a while.

This is especially true if you have more than just a quick-answer question to ask or reply to. If you want to brainstorm, or ask for advice, or ask a tricky question, or check in on how a colleague is really feeling, or explore a new idea, or even if you just want to lift the energy, talking on the phone or setting up a conference call is the way forward.

Need a conference call line so that you can talk to your team? You get a free conference bridge with the MobileDay app. You also get one-touch conference call dialing, which makes the whole process much easier.


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