Why consumer’s device dependancy is great news for small businesses

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A  report by Deloitte titled Global Consumer Trends stated something that most of us already know: our phones are a crucial part of our lives.

How many times do you estimate that you use your phone in a single day? 10, 50, 100, 500?

The chances are that you use your phone more often than you think you do.

Who uses their phone as an alarm clock? Yup, you’ve already used your mobile before you’ve opened your eyes.

Who checks their emails before they get out of bed? Most of us.

The report said that 93 percent of consumers look at their devices within an hour of waking up. In virtually all countries that data was gathered for, IMs and texts were the very first thing that people checked in the morning.

Who checks the weather before leaving the house? Uh huh.

Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Thought so.

The point is not to convince you that you have a device addiction. You already know that. The point is that you are not alone, and this is only going to get bigger.

Good news for those of us who work in tech, eh?

According to Craig Wigginton, VC Deloitte LLP in the US, there is no doubt that the reality of the connected consumer is here to stay and will grow and transform in every region of the world.

The thing is, in order to sustain growth, companies absolutely must stay ahead of their consumers. Unless they are connected and listening, this is going to get more and more impossible.

Take mobile payments for example: mPayment is getting more and more popular, and in developed markets around 20 percent of consumers are using mobile payments—this percentage is more than double for emerging markets where technology interest is higher overall.

Small businesses and startups in particular should welcome this reliance on technology because it allows them to compete on a much more level playing field when it comes to marketing to the consumer. As tech companies begin to take on the traditional giants in the ad space, the cost of reaching mobile-happy consumers is falling. Apps and software are automating many of the processes that businesses would usually need to pay an expert to do and this opens the space for the lower budgeted small business owner or startup.

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