Work-Life Balance: Do you have it?

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A recent survey from Comparably looked into work-life balance in the tech industry. The study found that senior designers are the most satisfied workers when it comes to feeling that they have achieved the right balance between the office and home. The survey reported that a whopping 81 percent of senior designers were happy with their work-life balance.

That’s news that you don’t hear too often: everything is fine and dandy.

Not true if you are in sales through … .

Sales Manager Fail

Sales managers  didn’t feel as confident that they were achieving balance. Only 46 percent in comparison. Developers and customer service managers scored in the middle of the two extrememes. Even CEOs and founders, groups that are often assumed to be populated with workaholics scored a high 77 percent when asked how happy they were with their career and leisure mix.

Who Determines What W/L Balance Is, Anyway?

One could argue that perception comes into the mix here. Founders and CEOs who are passionately putting their all into a business that means a lot to them may be able to work around the clock but still not think that they are out of balance per se. Senior designers may also feel happy and satisfied even if they are putting in a lot of hours simply because they are involved in a creative process that they love.

Maybe the perception of work-life balance is more to do with the individuals levels of in-work happiness. The more we enjoy being at work the less we will notice that we are spending the vast majority of our time there. Comparing the tasks associated with creative roles to those that the sales professional is bundled with also sheds some light. Day in day out of cold calling, emailing, and delivering the same sales deck over and over again is surely enough to make anyone watch the clock?

Technology Is Here to Help

At MobileDay we know that most of you are stuck for time — especially those of you who work in Sales. We know this because you use our app to dial into conference calls and online meetings while you are in the car. Driving to meet clients. Driving to meet prospects. Driving to meet colleagues. You are on the move and you simply don’t have the time to listen to the radio while you are in the car. No, you need to spend that time on the phone to clients, prospects and colleagues.

Work-life balance gets a lot of press. We are told that we all need to make more of an effort to take more time off. The reality is, however, that some humans were built to overwork; some humans enjoy work so much that even when they are working 100 hours a week they do not feel overstretched or unhappy.

The good news is, that apps and technology can help us to ensure that we are not wasting time doing things that don’t need to be done. Dialing into meetings is a time waste that MobileDay seeks to eliminate. And that’s not all, as we have more to come in the workplace communications space that will help you achieve your own work-life balance satisfaction — whatever that is.

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