How Working from Home Can Make You More Productive

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Is Working From Home Something You Should Consider?

Many of us have the ability to work from home if we choose to. (If you don’t, and you want to, consider that you are in the wrong job!) The technologies enable for streamlined communication also allow for transportable working stations — i.e. your laptop. You can access all your files, all your colleagues, and all your clients from your house. And you can do so just as easily as you can get to them in the office now.

There are certainly some benefits to be had from the office environment. These mostly come down to person-to-person physical interaction ability now. Some people choose to work from home on some days because they find that they can actually concentrate better. When they are out of the office there are less people to distract them. This is especially true for the new open-plan offices that are preferred by most startup companies.

You might chose to work from home on a regular basis due to other factors. Bad weather on the forecast is certainly a reason for some. It is often safer not to brave the roads when a storm hits.

Are You More Productive When Working from Home?

Fewer Distractions

Many people report that they are more productive at home because they are not having to deal with the daily office distractions. We are talking about colleague interruptions mostly. While it is true that a person working from home might have the radio on, or they might not get dressed all day, if they are committed to working they can actually crank out a hell of a lot left to themselves for an entire day.

More Time to Work

Another productivity boost that comes from staying at home rather than venturing into the office is that you don’t have the time-drain commute. Many people admit that they actually end up working longer hours when they are not actually driving or commuting into work.

Uninterrupted Connection

It used to be the case that a day working from home meant that you could not attend any meeting. No more. Now, you can dial into meetings and still be there even when you are not there. The whole process of online meetings and conference calls has become so much improved that the conference call jokes are less and less relevant now. With MobileDay installed, you don’t even have to waste time with the dial in codes and PIN numbers so that you can get into the call in the first place.

Should You Schedule Working-from-Home Time?

It might be worth scheduling focused work-from-home time for you and your team. Especially for those who are in creative roles, taking some time out from the office distractions can be a real boost to productivity. Now that working from home is so much easier and you can still communicate when you need to, it could be a very interesting experience for you to see what a day at home can do for your team’s output.

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