Worst place to be seen on a video call?

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The trouble with video calls …

Video calls and online conferencing options mean that you can take a business meeting from just about anywhere. The trouble is, that some people take that literally.

A study by Lab42 found that:

  • 6 percent of people say that they have seen someone in the bathroom while on a video call.
  • 24 percent of Americans said that the worst thing that they could see on screen would be someone taking a video call from the bathroom.
  • 21 percent of people admitted that they have attended a video call before wearing a smart, business-like top, but that they had their pajama pants on.
  • 17 percent of Americans have seen a pet make a guest appearance on a video call.
  • 7 percent of people say that they have been on a video call where another participant was taking the call from bed.

Getting into online meeting calls can be hard

Most people dread the process of actually getting into a video call or online meeting in the first place due to all the PIN numbers and passcodes that are required in order to get onto the conference bridge. Now that the MobileDay app is totally free, this is less of an issue for savvy people who have it downloaded—the app does all the dialing for you, so all you have to do is clear your throat before you get onto the call.

Limit distractions

And furthermore, another study by InterCall found that:

  • 47 percent of respondents have used the bathroom while on a conference call.
  • 65 percent of people admit that they do other work while they are on a conference call.
  • 55 percent say that they make or consume food while they are on a video call.

One of the biggest problems, however, regularly reported about conference calling is that people are less good at concentrating when they are on a virtual meeting or conference call. This is probably because there are more distractions than there would be if the caller was in the office—and there is less authority around to keep people from getting distracted.

Video calls, online meetings, and conference calls are on the rise, and they are here to stay. As technology allows us to work remotely more and more with greater ease, it stands to reason that virtual meetings are going to be on the rise. Set yourself, and your team, up for success by making sure that you turn up to a conference call in the same way that you would turn up to an in-person meeting: fully clothed, well fed, without your dog, not in bed, and ready to contribute.


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