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Our most popular frequently asked questions:

How do I earn free months of MobileDay Pro for referring friends to MobileDay?

You can get free months of MobileDay Pro by inviting your friends to try out MobileDay. If a friend uses your invitation to sign up for an account, both of you will receive a free month of Pro. To refer friends to MobileDay:

1) Open the MobileDay app.

2) Tap “Menu.”


3) Under “Share,” tap “Recommend MobileDay.”


4) Add as many email addresses as you would like and tap “Send.”


Note: referrals made via social media will not be counted.

How do I set my phone to update to the correct time zone when traveling?

While traveling, your device may not automatically recognize your new location. There are several areas outside of the MobileDay application that you may need to update:

1) Under your general phone settings, Under Mail Contacts, Calendars, please check that Time Zone Override is off.

2) Under your general phone settings, scroll all the way down until you see MobileDay. Select MobileDay and check that Use Cellular Data is green (on).

3) Under your general phone settings, scroll all the way down until you see MobileDay. Select MobileDay, check that under MobileDay > Privacy Settings > Location Services > Always is selected.

4) Under your general phone settings, select Privacy > Location Services and make sure it is green (on). Share My Location should also be green (on). Under From it should say, This Device. When you go back to Privacy > Location Services and scroll down from there, MobileDay should be listed, and you should see Always to the right.

Why did I receive multiple notifications for a meeting?

MobileDay will not override your device calendar settings, so you may be receiving multiple notifications for the same meeting. These customizations should help prevent redundant notifications:

• Turn off device calendar notifications

• Check to see if your device calendar shows multiple sub-calendars that may be recognizing the same meeting

• From the My Day screen in MobileDay, tap on Menu and select Calendar Selection. This will give you the option to select only the calendars that you would like MobileDay to display and send notifications for

Why didn’t my call connect?

Every once in a while a call is not connected properly. This usually is the result of an inaccurate call sequence. When notified of a failed call, our customer support team will determine the correct dialing sequence and update the dialing sequence for you. There are a couple of ways you may alert our support team :

• In app – After making any call you will see a Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down button below the event listing. By tapping the Thumbs Down button, a message will pre-populate with the necessary information for our team to make the needed adjustments. When your call goes through correctly, a Thumbs Up helps us to verify that our sequences are correct.

• By email – You may also send an email to [email protected]. Please paste the meeting invite information in the body of the email to provide us with the information necessary to update our service with the proper dialing sequence. Add your company name to the subject of the email.

You may also manually edit the call sequence by tapping on the pencil and paper icon in the meeting event within My Day. Use commas to insert “pauses” and semicolons to insert “waits.” If you need help with this, please send our support team an email by tapping Get Help from the edit sequence page.

Frequently asked questions about MobileDay Pro:

I‘ve followed the instructions, why can’t I see “Get MobileDay Pro” in the Menu?

There are a couple of reasons why you will not see the option to “Get MobileDay Pro” from the Menu in the MobileDay app:

• Your company signed up for one of MobileDay’s enterprise solutions (MobileDay Advantage or MobileDay Business). As a user, the MobileDay Advantage status will provide you all of the features of MobileDay Pro but your company will be paying for your subscription.

• You may not have updated to the latest version of the MobileDay app. To download the latest version of the MobileDay app, please follow these simple steps:


1) Open the App Store app

2) Tap the Updates tab at the bottom of the screen

3) Apps with available updates are shown. Tap the Update button next to MobileDay


1) Open the Google Play Store app

2) Touch the Menu icon and go to My Apps

3) Select individual apps and touch Update

Tip: In some cases, you may need to restart your device to update the app.

I thought I had Pro. Why do I see Basic or Business in my app header?

There are a few reasons why you may be expecting to see ‘MobileDay Pro’ in your header and see ‘MobileDay Basic’, ‘MobileDay Business’, or ‘MobileDay Advantage’.

• It is possible that your transaction through the App Store or Google Play Store was not completed. Please contact [email protected] and we will identify what stage your account is in and aid in your successful upgrade.

• If you are receiving MobileDay Pro through a special promotion, you should still be receiving unlimited conference calls and premium customer support. The MobileDay Basic interface allows you to upgrade to MobileDay Pro before your promotional period expires.

• If you are seeing ‘MobileDay Business’ or ‘MobileDay Advantage’ in your header, your company has signed up for one of MobileDay’s enterprise solutions. As a user, the MobileDay Business or Advantage status will provide you all of the features of MobileDay Pro but your company will be paying for your subscription.

Please contact [email protected] at any time to verify the status of your MobileDay account.

How do I request a refund for MobileDay Pro?


If your purchase was made through the Apple Store, you need to contact Apple. Apple’s policy is that all iTunes sales are final, so you will need to obtain an exception to get a refund or cancel your plan.

Here are the steps to request a refund:

1) Open your iTunes email receipt

2) Click “Purchase History” – this link will open iTunes and the iTunes Store

3) Click “Report a Problem” and then request a refund

If you have deleted your email confirmation, launch iTunes on your computer. Go to Account > Purchase History > Manage Subscriptions. Find MobileDay Pro and click the arrow next to the order date. Then click “Report a Problem” next to the app name.


To request a refund for an Android subscription to MobileDay Pro, please contact [email protected].

How do I cancel my auto-renewing MobileDay Pro subscription?


Unfortunately, we cannot change the MobileDay Pro subscription settings on your behalf. All Apple Store purchases are managed through the Apple Store.

To change your MobileDay Pro subscription from monthly to yearly, please click this link. It will launch iTunes and allow you to alter your subscription.

Then find MobileDay Pro and there should be a set of radio buttons for altering your Renewal Options.


To cancel a Google Play subscription, visit your My subscriptions page on Google Wallet and use the Cancel subscription buttons.

Canceling a subscription will not retroactively refund subscription payments, and previously charged subscription fees cannot be pro-rated based on cancellation date. To request a refund for Android MobileDay Pro subscription services, contact [email protected].

How do I change my Google play subscription?
How do I change my iTunes subscription settings?

Unfortunately, we cannot change the MobileDay Pro subscription settings on your behalf. All Apple Store purchases are managed through the Apple Store.

To change your MobileDay Pro subscription from monthly to yearly, please click this link. It will launch iTunes and allow you to alter your subscription.

Then find MobileDay Pro and there should be a set of radio buttons for altering your Renewal Options.

How do I upgrade to MobileDay Pro?

If you have not downloaded the MobileDay app, you can do so by visiting either Google Play or the App Store.

To upgrade to MobileDay Pro:

1) Open the MobileDay app

2) Tap the Get MobileDay Pro button in the Menu

3) Tap on your choice, a Monthly or Yearly subscription

4) Follow the payment instructions when prompted



1) Open the MobileDay app

2) Click the Calls Remaining icon on the bottom left side of your My Day screen

3) Tap on your choice, a Monthly or Yearly subscription

4) Follow the payment instructions when prompted

How much does MobileDay Pro cost?

MobileDay Basic allows you to join 10 calls per month free of charge. After that, you can purchase MobileDay Pro and join unlimited audio calls and online meetings for $1.99 USD per month or an annual price of $14.99 USD per year (via in-app subscription).

Frequently asked questions about MobileDay Business:

We want to add someone to our team. How will that be billed?

When you add another team member, we’ll make a one-time prorated charge to the credit card on file that will cover your new addition’s account for the remainder of the current billing period.

Example: MobileDay Business costs costs $4.90 per user per month with an annual commitment. The per-day cost for each user is $0.16 a day ($4.90 / 30). If you wanted to add a new team member 5 days into your billing period and there are 25 days left in the that month, we will make a one-time charge of $4.08 ($0.16 multiplied by 25).

What happens if I exceed the 500 minute allowances for Push and Wi-Fi?

You get 500 minutes of Push and 500 minutes of Wi-Fi calling a month with MobileDay Business. Should you use up this allowance and need more time, you purchase an additional 500 minutes of either Push or Wi-Fi calling for $1.50. This will be automatically added to your account when you exceed 500 minutes so that you do not experience any disruption of service.

Push and Wi-Fi calling minutes do not roll over from month to month. At the beginning of each calendar month your minutes will be refreshed.

Does Push Really work on any phone?

For iPhone users, Push is configurable with device that has a dialer, so conference phones such as Polycom, Cisco, Lync, Panasonic or desktop phones are all programmable devices.

How Do I Set Up Push?

1) Open the MobileDay app.

2) From the MyDay screen, tap on the three-bar Menu symbol at the top left hand side of the screen.


3) Tap on “Push,” and then tap “Add a Device.”


4) Simply fill in the form by naming the device that you wish to add and entering its number. You can now Push your MobileDay one-tap dial-in to that device.


5) Decide how you would like to be given the option to Push to the device that you have just programmed. Options include disabling Push altogether, prompting Push via a long press and hold on the MobileDay call symbol, or to have an Push appear as an option automatically for each call.


What is Push?

Push extends MobileDay’s one-tap dial-in experience to Polycom or desktop phones by allowing users to initiate a call via their mobile phone and direct it to another device. Push allows you to:

1. Enjoy MobileDay’s one-tap dial-in experience using conference room and desktop phones

2. Instantly direct calls to conference room or desktop devices—such as Polycom, Cisco, Lync, Panasonic or other phones

3. Select automatically recognized devices based on your location

How does it work when I add new users?

MobileDay Business is charged on a per user basis per month and each new user you add will be pro-rated based on what day of the month they were added.

Will anyone have access to my billing information other than myself?

Nope! We value your privacy. MobileDay Business payment is made through the Business Dashboard and is never shared externally.

Will I get a receipt when purchasing MobileDay Business?

Yes, you will automatically receive an email receipt from us after purchasing MobileDay Business.

How do I add users to my MobileDay Business team?

In order to add users to your MobileDay Business team, you’ll first need to login to the MobileDay Business Admin Console. Click on the Users tab on the left menu and you will see any already added users and their status.

You’ll find on this page a couple of ways to add new users:

1) By clicking Invite User, you may add one user at a time.  invite-bulk

2) By clicking on Bulk invite you may add multiple users with comma separated email addresses. invite1

Any added users will receive an email with instructions on how to get started using MobileDay. You will be able to see in through this Admin Console when each of these users have activated their accounts.

How do I know if my company is a MobileDay Business customer?

Frequently asked questions about MobileDay Advantage:

I don’t see MobileDay Advantage on your website. Is that product still available?

MobileDay Advantage is now MobileDay Business. All of the features and benefits of MobileDay Advantage will be honored for existing customers. If you are interested in dynamic dialing or call routing, please contact sales to discuss a MobileDay solution that meets your needs.

Frequently asked questions about Calls and Online Meetings:

How do I join a conference call correctly when I am the host?

When you first open the app, you will be invited to set up your conference services. Conference Services allows you to create events and host conference calls directly from the MobileDay app. If you only join calls as a guest, you can skip this step. You may add or edit a conference service at any time by going to Menu and then Conference Services. Setting up Conference Services is necessary because many invitations do not contain any host PIN information for security reasons. We keep your host PIN securely linked to your participant code and insert it where necessary.

To set up a conference service: In MobileDay, go to Menu and tap Conference Services. Tap New (+ on Android), choose Host, and follow the wizard to set up the conference service.

Note: you never need to enter prompts (*, #, 1, etc.). MobileDay will take care of those for you when you join the call.

Step 1 – Enter the Conference Service Name and Dial-In

Give the conference service a name that you’ll recognize. It can be any name you want (e.g., My Sales Bridge).

Enter the dial-in number provided by your conference service provider. Do not enter the country code or prefixes– just the local number.

If we are not already familiar with your conference bridge number, an extension field may appear after you enter the dial-in number. If your conference service requires an extension before the host code (e.g., “press 2 to start a conference call”), please enter the extension in this field.service-name

Step 2 – Enter Your Guest Code

Enter the code that your guests must enter to join the call. This is sometimes called the participant code.guest-code

Step 3 – Enter Your Host Codes

Enter your host access codes in the same order that you enter them when you normally start a call as the host. If your conference service only requires you to enter one code, then only enter that one code here. If your conference service requires you to first enter the participant code and then a separate host code, enter both here in that order. Make sure to save the setup. If you have set up your conference correctly, you will be connected as the host for this conference service whenever we see the participant code that matches it within an invitation.host-code

If you have trouble, please tap Get Help, and we’ll help you fix it.confirm

How do I give feedback about my dial in experience to MobileDay?

After connecting you to your meeting, MobileDay will ask for feedback to better serve you.

Thumbs Up: If the call connected properly, please acknowledge this by tapping the Thumbs Up button.

Thumbs Down: If you had issues connecting to your call, please use the Thumbs Down button to send us an email so we can fix the problem for you.thumbs

How do I join Online Meetings?

Tap the Join Online Meeting button to connect to your online meeting with just one-tap. MobileDay interoperates with Lync, Cisco WebEx®, Citrix GoToMeeting® and Google+ Hangouts. You must have the corresponding app installed on your iPhone to use this feature, and occasionally customization is required (depending on your corporate setup).online-meeting

How do I join a conference call correctly when I am a guest?

MobileDay will read your iPhone or Android calendar and automatically supply any codes required to connect you to your mobile meetings with a single tap. No setup is required on your part. If you have any trouble dialing in with One-Tap, re-sync your calendar and update the dial-in information by hard closing and reopening the MobileDay app. If you are still unable to connect to the meeting, under Menu click Get Help.

How do I use FaceTime to join a meeting? (iPhone only)

Tap the Join Video button to join a FaceTime meeting with just One-Tap. MobileDay recognizes the following FaceTime URL format: facetime://[email protected]

You and the person you are contacting must have FaceTime turned on in your iPhone Settings. To enable people to call you on FaceTime using a phone number or email other than your Apple ID, you must go to your iPhone Settings and into FaceTime Settings. Tap Add An Email to specify the email addresses you want FaceTime to recognize.

How do I join a call with One-Tap dialing?

MobileDay connects you to your voice or online meetings with a single tap of a button. We call this feature, One-Tap. By taking advantage of this feature, you don’t have to remember conference call information. MobileDay enters the phone number, PINs, and proper pauses to get you into the conference quickly.one-tap

What is a “host” and what is a “guest” in MobileDay?

If you are the organizer of a call, we refer to you as the “host.” Some conference services use other words to describe the “host,” such as “moderator,” “leader,” “chairperson,” “organizer,” “speaker,” or “presenter.”

If you join a call but are not the host or organizer, we refer to you as a “guest.” Some conference services use other words for “guest,” such as “participant” or “attendee.”

Frequently asked questions about Direct Calling:

How do I directly dial through MobileDay?

Tap the phone button in the top right of your My Day view to access direct calling options such as dialing a contact directly or dialing a phone number using the MobileDay keypad.

To schedule an impromptu conference call, tap Invite then choose recipients for the text invitation. After you send your text invitation, you will be automatically joined into the call. Recipients will receive a text message with a One-Tap link to join your call.Directcalls

Frequently asked questions about Calendar Events and My Day:

How do I get MobileDay to display my calendar events?

If you are not seeing events in MobileDay, it is possible that either events are not visible in your iPhone or Android calendar on your device or your calendar is not configured correctly to work with MobileDay. To resolve, first check to see whether or not events appear in your phone’s calendar. Then proceed with the instructions below for your device.


If events do appear in your iPhone Calendar, make sure MobileDay has access to your calendar. On iOS, go to Privacy in Settings and ensure that you have given MobileDay access to the Calendar service. If MobileDay is not listed as one of the apps requesting access to your calendar, please delete and reinstall the MobileDay app.

Also, make sure your calendar is selected in MobileDay. In MobileDay, go to Menu and tap Calendar Selection to ensure that you have your calendar selected for display.

Within My Day view you can select whether “all events,” “all calls,” or “conference calls only” are shown in MobileDay. Choose based on your personal preference.

If events do not appear in your iPhone Calendar, it will be necessary to set up your calendar. Ideally, your calendar should be set up as an Exchange account, even if you use Gmail. Here’s how to do it:

1) In iPhone Settings, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2) Tap Add Account

3) Tap Microsoft Exchange (even if you have a Gmail account)

4) Enter Email, Username, and Password and tap Next

5) Enter Server address (for Gmail, use m.google.com) and tap Next

6) Verify that Mail, Contacts, and Calendars are turned on and tap Save


If events do not appear in your Android calendar, you it is necessary to set up your calendar. Here’s how:

1) From the Applications menu, tap Email

2) Enter your Email Address and Password. Check the box only if you want this to be your default email account. Tap Next.

3) Tap Exchange Account.

4) Enter your Exchange Server Information and tap Next.

5) Your phone will check the incoming server settings. If everything is correct, the Account Options screen will appear, allowing you to customize your settings.

6) Name the account and enter the name that will be displayed on outgoing messages. Tap Done when complete.

What is My Day and how does it display my events?

We call the primary screen in MobileDay My Day. This screen provides a calendar-list view of your upcoming meetings. You can access many of MobileDay’s features from My Day—you’ll see your meetings and events, and all meetings with a recognized call-in number or online meeting link will display an icon for One-Tap access.my-day

The My Day screen defaults to show your most current meetings, but you can scroll down to see future events. If you have scrolled down to other events in your day, just tap the MobileDay logo to quickly scroll back to the current or next event. To join a scheduled call, One-Tap on the green join button and you’re in.

Note: If you are seeing meetings for the wrong day, and tapping the MobileDay logo at the top does not bring you back to today’s events, you might have to enable Location Services.

Events feature the time, title, and location (dial-in) of the event. There are two smaller icons in the upper right: a clock icon, which allows you easy Smart Messaging to send messages to attendees such as “I’m running late,” or a pencil and paper icon, which enables you to either manually edit the call sequence or the ability to click Get Help to have MobileDay edit the call sequence for you.

How do I create a new Event?

To schedule a conference call using your conference service in MobileDay, tap Create Event in Menu. You will be asked which conference service you would like to use. After you have selected a conference service, you will be able to set the time, add a title, add invitees, and add notes.create-event

How do I customize my Calendar Selections in MobileDay?

MobileDay automatically syncs to your iPhone or Android calendar. To edit what calendars you would like to see in MobileDay, tap Calendar Selection in Menu and select or deselect specific calendars.

Frequently asked questions about Notifications:

Why are MobileDay notifications not working or alerting me at the wrong time?

Always make sure your Location Services are turned on and enabled for MobileDay. If you’re traveling across time zones, close and reopen MobileDay to sync to your new time zone when you arrive at your destination. This will reset MobileDay notifications to work with the local time zone.

If time zones aren’t the problem, it is possible that you have notifications turned off in MobileDay or in the sound settings on your device. To turn on notifications in MobileDay, go to Meeting Notifications under Menu. To adjust the sound settings on your device, do the following:


Go to your iPhone Settings, tap on Notifications, and then tap on MobileDay. Verify that notifications are enabled for the MobileDay app and configured the way you want them.


On your Android, go to Settings and then into Sound Settings. Make sure Notifications are on and your phone volume is turned up. In MobileDay, go to Settings under Menu and tap on the Accounts tab. Make sure the Conference Alerts box is checked to display alerts for your calls.

How do I customize my Meeting Notifications?

MobileDay will automatically notify you of your upcoming events 30 seconds before the event begins. To modify how much time in advance of an event you’d like to be notified, go to Menu and tap Meeting Notifications (iPhone) or Notifications Settings (Android).

You can now see the status of invitees. A white name means the invitee has confirmed their attendance and a gray name means that they have not. Tap Remind to select recipients from the invitees list and review or edit the reminder email before sending.meeting-notifications

How do I send a Running Late notification to meeting attendees?

Tap the Running Late icon (clock) to quickly alert meeting invitees via email that you will be a few minutes late to the meeting. You can select which invitees you want to email and also edit the message and recipients list before sending.

The default subject line is, “Running 5 min. late.” The default message is, “I’m running 5 minutes late to [Event Title].”running-late

Frequently asked questions about Location Services:

How do I enable Location Services (including time zone changes) for MobileDay?

In order for MobileDay to function properly, you must enable Location Services on your iPhone. To enable Location Services do the following:


Apple stores Location Services information in several different places. To be sure all your settings are correct, please review and verify all of the following. If you check the items on this list and are still having a problem, please contact MobileDay Support.

1) Under your General phone settings, under Mail Contacts, Calendars, please check that Time Zone Override is off.

2) Under your General phone settings, scroll all the way down until you see MobileDay. Select MobileDay and check that Use Cellular Data is green (on).

3) Under your General phone settings, scroll all the way down until you see MobileDay. Select MobileDay, check that under MobileDay > Privacy Settings > Location Services > Always is selected.

4) Under your General phone settings, select Privacy > Location Services and make sure it is green (on). Share My Location should also be green (on). Under From it should say, This Device. When you go back to Privacy > Location Services and scroll down from there, MobileDay should be listed, and you should see Always to the right.


1) On your mobile device, tap Settings.

2) Tap Location.

3) Depending on your device and your version of the Android OS, make sure all options such as Location, Location services, and Location reporting are enabled.

Frequently asked questions about Supported Countries:

Is MobileDay supported in my country?

MobileDay now provides in-country support for dialing in 18 countries. Users can use MobileDay for calls in Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. We continue to add countries based on the demand for MobileDay Business, so stay tuned!map

Frequently asked questions about Battery Life:

How do I avoid battery drain while using MobileDay?

We consistently make updates to improve battery life so please make sure you always download the most recent version of MobileDay. We recommend employing Wi-Fi instead of a cell network whenever possible.

Here are some common reasons for battery drain:

• MobileDay will check our database for new information each time your iPhone or Android calendar refreshes. A more frequent refresh rate (which is needed for people who have calendars that change on short notice) will use more battery life.

• Those users who have multiple calendars with many meetings running simultaneously on their native calendar may also see more battery usage.

• MobileDay also might use additional battery life while you are traveling in rural areas with poor signal strength or when you are changing cell towers frequently.

Frequently asked questions about Privacy:

How secure is my data?

While the MobileDay app does access your iPhone or Android Calendar, Contacts, and Location information, none of this information leaves your phone. We adhere to enterprise- grade security to ensure that your data remains completely private. We even pass Vericode’s Level 4 security scan.

Why does MobileDay need access to my Location?

When your location changes, your time zone and therefore meeting start and end time(s) may also change. For this reason, access to Location Services ensures that MobileDay is up to date and accurate.

Why does MobileDay need access to my Contacts?

Identifying contacts who are hosts and contacts who are meeting attendees ensures that you:

• Are dialed in correctly to your audio calls or online meetings

• Can SMS and email meeting attendees

• Allows you to make calls right from MobileDay’s Quick Call feature

Why does MobileDay need access to my Calendar?

Synching with you Calendar allows us to provide One-Tap access to any scheduled audio call or online meeting.

Why does MobileDay need access to my Contacts, Calendar, and Location?

MobileDay cannot function properly without access to your calendar, contacts, and location, so please give MobileDay access to these services.

Why does MobileDay not allow social login?

Social login imposes greater security risk to both the user and to MobileDay so users are asked to sign in with an email address and password, rather than logging in with their Twitter or Facebook profile.

To create an account, please create a user id with your email address and a password. MobileDay is optimized for business professionals so we recommend (but do not require) using your corporate email. Note that your password information never leaves your device and can be any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols (a minimum of 6 characters is required).

Frequently asked questions about mySPIN:

How does the integration work?

Through mySPIN, MobileDay now offers drivers an easy, reliable, and safe way to dial into their scheduled calls with one tap. When MobileDay users connect their smartphone to their car, the MobileDay app displays through mySPIN on their vehicle’s infotainment system.

mySPIN gives drivers control of a simplified version of the MobileDay app through their vehicle’s display. The driver’s scheduled events appear in a sleek daily overview in mySPIN. MobileDay auto-detects audio calls and allows the driver to dial in with one simple tap on the vehicle’s touchscreen— no need for them to remember call-in numbers, PINs, or passcodes.