Anthony Claudia

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony leads the dream.

Anthony ensures that Twine is producing products that our customers will love. He’s a big personality with a creative eye and a Spielberg-like storytelling prowess. But underneath that enterprising exterior there lies a technical nerd. That nerd, incidentally, built some of the world’s first ecommerce platforms—line by line.

Why do we love Anthony? You won’t find another CEO like this one. Aside from being hot on product and technology, Anthony has skills in just about every department from designing UI to building software architecture. He makes sure that everyone on the team feels equally valuable and gives people space to be brilliant. He’s got a chipper sense of humor, and inspires the team to tackle challenges with a sense of fun and curiosity.

Larry Middle

Chief Financial Officer

Larry manages the finances for MobileDay. What more do you really need to know? Here’s more anyway. Larry’s love of team sports has instilled in him an appreciation of teamwork, responsibility, and the drive to win, especially when it comes to debating contract details and making key financial decisions. He’s enough of a sports nut that he would be coaching and mentoring kids through sports if he weren’t minding the till at MobileDay. In a past job, he claims to have literally counted beans as an auditor for PriceWaterhouse. And speaking of beans, he was a waiter at Casa Bonita when he was a kid. So watch out – he knows how to handle any kind of crazy.

Jason Anderson

Chief Technical Officer

Jason creates strong structures.

Jason provides technical leadership for MobileDay, along with development on all product platforms. He’s driven to learn, become an expert, and help his team do the same. He has a background in full-stack enterprise development in tech lead and architecture roles.

What do we love about Jason? He demands a reliable and consistent quality of everything that Twine produces, and works hard to ensure that what we put into the world is the best we can offer. He is patient, reliable, and realistic—which makes for a solid foundation that is evident in our products. We also appreciate his dry sense of humor!

Andy Hahn

VP of Engineering

Andy builds awesome stuff.

Andy’s been steering people and projects since he started his own lawn-mowing enterprise aged ten. Fast forward a decade or two—a couple of startups, and a lead engineering role at a Fortune 15 company—and Andy is an impassioned hands-on architect who thrives on taking complex projects from concept to production.

What do we love about Andy? Here’s a guy who is committed to designing, coding, and developing software by best practice and using the most up-to-date technology—this really keeps our products healthy. Because Andy likes to build awesome stuff, Twine puts out awesome stuff—and that keeps our users happy. He’s also fun to be around, can always make you laugh, enthusiastic, up for a challenge, and can EIL5 translate to those of us who don’t speak in code.

Tab header

Tabitha Farrar

Chief Marketing Officer

Tab tells Twine’s story.

Tab manages every aspect of marketing operations at Twine, focusing on strategy aimed at driving awareness and developing a strong, educated userbase. She loves the break-neck pace of working for a startup, and prefers a lean and scrappy approach to marketing because she enjoys the challenge of finding that elusive, yet attainable, high ROI.

Tab is British, so don’t expect to understand her sense of humor unless you have watched copious amounts of Monty Python. She has authored a book called Love Fat, and still writes a hell of a lot.


Travis Minke

Principal Software Engineer

Travis engineers brilliance

Travis is an accomplished full-stack engineer who designs and builds high-quality software at MobileDay, where enjoys working with a action-oriented team in a fast-paced environment. His colleagues describe him as a rock-solid engineer who keeps the team grounded in reality.

Why do we love Travis? He builds great things for one—kinda crucial for a software company. He’s kind and gentle when explaining things to people who are not engineers—the marketing department appreciate that. Travis brings a thoughtful quality of humor to the team, and the entire internet would have to implode before he would get flustered. We all need devs who stay calm under pressure.


Patricia Duff

Director of Support and Services

Patricia channels our users’ reality.

Patricia is a troubleshooting wonder with technical support issues. She is our ear-on the ground when it comes to helping the team prioritize app fixes. She loves the teamwork aspect of improving the performance of MobileDay as well as brainstorming new uses for the app’s unique capabilities.

Why do we love Patricia? She gets to the bottom of an issue and does everything in her capacity to solve it. If she can’t solve it, she’ll work out how to make everyone happy anyway. She has a very firm grasp of the technology, and can communicate clearly with devs and customers alike. This is a “can do” attitude fed on Boulder’s best supergreens and tempered by long distance trail runs—who wouldn’t want that for support?