Howard Diamond

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Diamond has a long history of building companies. He took a startup, Course Technology, from 0 to $75 Million in five years. He built Corporate Software, the largest software reseller for Microsoft and IBM, from $500 Million in revenue to $1.2 Billion in six years. He was subsequently Chairman of the Information Services Group at Level3, where he ran a $2.7 Billion technology group and orchestrated the largest merger ever in the software reseller business. Now, Howard has come out of retirement to be the CEO of MobileDay where he intends to make MobileDay his biggest success yet. Just try to stop him.

Larry Middle

Chief Financial Officer

Larry manages the finances for MobileDay. What more do you really need to know? Here’s more anyway. Larry’s love of team sports has instilled in him an appreciation of teamwork, responsibility, and the drive to win, especially when it comes to debating contract details and making key financial decisions. He’s enough of a sports nut that he would be coaching and mentoring kids through sports if he weren’t minding the till at MobileDay. In a past job, he claims to have literally counted beans as an auditor for PriceWaterhouse. And speaking of beans, he was a waiter at Casa Bonita when he was a kid. So watch out – he knows how to handle any kind of crazy.

Dustin Mallory

Chief Technology Officer

Dustin talks faster than an auctioneer and that’s probably because he’s thinking faster than anyone else at MobileDay. He also runs fast, hitting the trails with his son whenever he can. He has, in fact, put in over 2,000 miles on a BOB stroller training for races. As the first technical member of the MobileDay team, Dustin’s contributions have included architecture, leading the engineering team, design, writing much of the code, testing, being a scrum master, providing IT support, deploying and managing cloud infrastructure and operations, spending lots of time learning and teaching, and wearing plenty of other hats along the way. He loves building products in a way that’s clean and simple yet rigorous enough to scale. He loves doing all these things very, very fast.

Jodi Cerretani

Senior Director of Marketing

Jodi brings her brilliance when creating world class marketing from nothing, and quickly. She expertly conveys MobileDay’s value to customers with impact and clarity. With a particular love of her family, she was raised with a strong determination and work ethic, priding herself on breaking down any barriers that stand in the way of achieving her aim. Besides taking on the world with her marketing prowess, she loves to cook, laugh, and enjoy the outdoors. Her goal is to live so that at the end of her life, she can say herself, “I want nothing more”.

Anthony Claudia

Senior Director of Product

Anthony makes sure that MobileDay has products that customers love. Buried inside that funny guy with the creative eye and storytelling prowess of a filmmaker, is a technical nerd who built some of the world’s first ecommerce platforms, line by line. Anthony comes from a big Italian family and has four kids of his own, so in addition to believing that fine wine and prosciutto will make everything better, and being able to make the world’s best espresso in his sleep, he knows how to listen to lots of loud voices, prioritize and make decisions like the godfather, and communicate so that everyone is happy.


Jessica Rusin

Senior Director of Development

Taking the mantra, “be the change you wish to see in the world” to heart, Jessica wants to encourage more girls and women to get involved in programming and technology. She believes that coding is a universal language and can be used to connect people around the world. At MobileDay, Jessica brings technical leadership and project management to our app development team. Having founded tech startups in the past, her drive to creatively solve difficult problems also drives her passion for app development. And when she’s not building great apps, she’s building great forts in the woods with her kids.

Jackson Carson

UX/UI Creative Director

After a stint touring full time with an eclectic rock band in the ’90s, Jackson cut off his ponytail to focus his career on design. At MobileDay, he is responsible for all things creative from designing the subtle nuances of user interaction within the app to approving the look and tone of a company email. He believes that user experience IS a company’s brand, so when he was tapped for the lead UX/UI role for MobileDay, he immediately embraced the entire experience life cycle from the first impression of a potential user on Facebook to installing the app and joining a call with One-Touch. To satisfy his insatiable appetite for all things creative, he is an abstract fine art photographer and plays hot gypsy swing guitar in a quartet.

Christene Mallory

Director of Operations

Christene—like many people—does multiple things at the same time. The difference is that she makes a habit of doing them all well. She’s in charge of making things happen on time and in sync. One of her favorite aspects about working at MobileDay is that she gets to witness ideas being realized into a product that is both useful and effective. When she is not making things happen at MobileDay, Christene enjoys spending time with her two children and says one of the most interesting aspects of parenthood is watching her kids mirror her own mannerisms and expressions. With the overarching ambition to live her life fully and laugh while doing so, Christene loves to explore the mountains in her time off, and you might even catch her running the odd marathon.