Howard Diamond

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Diamond has a long history of building companies. He took a startup, Course Technology, from 0 to $75 Million in five years. He built Corporate Software, the largest software reseller for Microsoft and IBM, from $500 Million in revenue to $1.2 Billion in six years. He was subsequently Chairman of the Information Services Group at Level3, where he ran a $2.7 Billion technology group and orchestrated the largest merger ever in the software reseller business. Now, Howard has come out of retirement to be the CEO of MobileDay where he intends to make MobileDay his biggest success yet. Just try to stop him.

Larry Middle

Chief Financial Officer

Larry manages the finances for MobileDay. What more do you really need to know? Here’s more anyway. Larry’s love of team sports has instilled in him an appreciation of teamwork, responsibility, and the drive to win, especially when it comes to debating contract details and making key financial decisions. He’s enough of a sports nut that he would be coaching and mentoring kids through sports if he weren’t minding the till at MobileDay. In a past job, he claims to have literally counted beans as an auditor for PriceWaterhouse. And speaking of beans, he was a waiter at Casa Bonita when he was a kid. So watch out – he knows how to handle any kind of crazy.

Anthony Claudia

Chief Product Officer

Anthony makes sure that MobileDay has products that customers love. Buried inside that funny guy with the creative eye and storytelling prowess of a filmmaker, is a technical nerd who built some of the world’s first ecommerce platforms, line by line. Anthony comes from a big Italian family and has four kids of his own, so in addition to believing that fine wine and prosciutto will make everything better, and being able to make the world’s best espresso in his sleep, he knows how to listen to lots of loud voices, prioritize and make decisions like the godfather, and communicate so that everyone is happy.


Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson

Chief Software Architect

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Andy Hahn

Director of Development

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