9 Amazing Business Travel Productivity Apps [Infographic]

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Apps, apps, apps. Apps everywhere. But do you have the right productivity apps?

Apps aren’t just for games and social media, and if you’re assuming that they are, you are probably getting left behind. Apps are tools that help us to do things more efficiently, and the correct app suite on your smartphone will up your productivity levels. Basically, you’ll do less but do more, if you know what we mean?

We created an infographic for a quick view at just a few of the business apps out there that are designed to increase your workplace productivity. List and links are below the infographic.


MobileDay (Free)

One-touch dial into conference calls. This app reduces the time that you spend trying to get into online meetings and calls.


Copies business card info into your phone’s Contacts. This app won’t let you forget someone because you misplaced their card.

NeedToMeet (Free)

A collaborative meeting tool. This app means that multiple people can find a mutually beneficial time to meet.


You already know about Uber, but did you think you could use Uber cars for business? The app helps you find a car.


Want to drive yourself? This app helps you find a rental.

Localeur (Free)

Stopping over somewhere new? This app is your local tour guide.


Sick of stuffy hotel rooms? This app helps you find your home away from home.


Miss your flight? This app helps you find a last-minute bed.


Got expenses? This app means you don’t have receipts.

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