Twine and Slack

1. Add Twine to Slack

1. Add Twine to your team’s Slack account by clicking this button:

Add to Slack

2. Slack will ask you to grant Twine the permissions necessary to allow the Twinebot — Mobot — to work. 

3. You only need do this once and Mobot has joined your Slack team. 

2.  Accounts

Team members who have MobileDay accounts (that’s all the smart ones!) can link Slack with MobileDay. 

1. Start a DM with Mobot in Slack. Type in something like:

You: “Hey Mobot, set up my account”

Mobot: “Sure, what is your account email address?”

2. When you’ve given him your account email address, Mobot will send you a verification email. 

3. Chat to Mobot

Mobot is interactive. He can set up calls for you, notify you of upcoming events, and tell you what’s on today’s agenda. 

“Mobot, what’s on my calendar today?”

“Can you start a meeting with @bill and @chaz?”

“What time is my next meeting?”

How to Host a Callmobot


Do you have Slack linked with your MobileDay account?

You need to have done that in order to initiate a call.

Check, check? Cool. Now all you have to do is ask Mobot to set up a call for you!


“Hey Mobot, can you set up a conference call between me, @jeff, and @paula?”

Need help setting up? Visit the Slack FAQ section. 

Having trouble getting setup?  We’re here to help.

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