5 Mobile Apps to Get You Through the Winter

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There is a mobile app for everything these days, and granted, most of these are apps that you’ll want to use all year around. But there are certain seasonal aspects that come into consideration when you are auditing the clutter on your smartphone’s home screen, and these are 5 mobile apps that we think you need to hang on to—or go to the App Store and get—this winter.

5 Mobile Apps to Get You Through the Winter

Plowz and Mowz

Heavy snowstorm on the horizon? You can book on-demand snow plowing with this app. You might need it to get back into your driveway after you have been away on a business trip!

The “Mowz” part is something to keep in mind for the summer months, when your lawn is getting out of control. However, for this winter, we think that plow-on-demand is a pretty neat idea.

Dark Sky

You’ll want to know what the weather has planned for you whenever you venture outside this season. If you travel for business on a regular basis, you can also rely on Dark Sky to let you know what the local weather is like at your designation.

When you are on the road in the winter months, not knowing the fluctuations of the weather in particular parts of the country can leave you snowed in and stuck at your hotel. Dark Sky’s hyperlocal weather reports are much more accurate than the broad strokes of most other weather apps.

Never neglect to pack your umbrella again!

Google Maps

What’s special about Google Maps? Now the app offers full offline support—which means that you’ll not get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no clue of how to get to your destination when the weather causes you to lose reception.

Winter storms have a tendency to cause more internet and power disruption than their summer equivalents, and sometimes they can take down entire areas for a prolonged period of time. If you have Google Maps, at least you’ll know where you are going regardless.


Since Uber launched Uber for Business a couple of months ago, it is now easier than ever to take an Uber cab when you are traveling for work. If your company has an Uber profile, you’ll be able to simply forward the charge to the business account directly.

No more waiting in the rain and cold looking for a cab. You can order an Uber from the comfort of a Starbucks near you, and your driver will pick you up at the door.


Okay, so we’re biased for sure, but we still think that MobileDay’s one-touch conference call dialing makes for a great wintertime app because you can dial into meetings from the comfort of your car—even if you are only parked in the office’s parking lot waiting for a storm to pass.

Plus, if ice causes poor commuting conditions, you know that you’ll still be able to get into your important calls and meetings no matter where you are. Sure, dialing in from a traffic jam isn’t ideal, but it’s a far better idea than not being there at all.

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