Business Travel Apps for the Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are a very special type of person. They are innovative, they are creative, they are determined, and they simply hate inefficiency—which is why they love apps that help them work smarter.

They also tend to travel a lot, because they understand that the best business meetings are always the ones where they can infuse the room with their passion and enthusiasm.

How then, do entrepreneurs stay on top of business while they are on the road? They use apps, of course!

Business Travel Apps for the Entrepreneur:

1. Breather

Don’t we all need a breather from time to time? Entrepreneurs need a different kind of breather however—the meeting room breather. This app lets you locate private meeting spaces close to you. This means that if a colleague or client requests a conference call out of the blue, you can book a space in which to talk to them.

2. MobileDay

Entrepreneurs hate inefficiency and time wasting tasks. Having to manually dial into conference calls and online meetings is a prime example of a really annoying and time consuming task that nobody should ever have to do. Yet millions of people do it every hour.

MobileDay is a conference call dialing app that places you into your meeting at the touch of a button. You’ll never have to bother with passcodes or PIN numbers ever again!

3. DocuSign

When it comes to getting people to sign on the dotted line, it’s often the case that sooner is better than later. Especially for those who travel a lot, you can use DocuSign to sign stuff that needs to be taken care of at home in your absence—and not just work related either.


4. MedHelper

MedHelper is a mobile prescription app that will help even the busiest of people stay on top of taking their medication. Sometimes the hectic nature of being away on business—jet lag, time-zone changes etc—can lead to forgetfulness when it comes to looking after yourself. We’re probably all guilty of that, right?

However, if you get sick you’re no good for your business. Taking measures, therefore, to ensure that you stay well should be a priority.

5. Hero

Scheduled to launch in January 2016, Hero is an app designed to let freelancers and entrepreneurs do business on the go. It’s like a marketplace app, and there are lots of different categories—from cleaning services to content writing. Basically, you select your “hero” after browsing the profiles of all the “heroes” offering their services in any given category.

How is Hero different from Thumbtack or Angie’s List? It was born on mobile first, whereas the others were initially web-based. It’s more mobile-friendly, so perfect for the traveling entrepreneur.

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