Business Travel Pet Peeves and How to Avoid Them

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What are your business travel pet peeves? Here are some of the most griped about aspects of being a road warrior.

A comfortable bed and a clean bathroom aren’t the only things that business travelers need in order to make their work trips pleasant these days. We’ve taken a look at what those who are on the road often say stand out to them as pet peeves and stressors.

Weather and Traffic Delays Are Big Stressors

Business Travel Pet Peeves
The only thing worse than a traffic jam, is a traffic jam in the rain.

Weather and weather-related delays are a major source of stress for the frequent flyer. Over 40 percent of those surveyed by Groundlink report the weather to be their biggest stressor, and this is closely followed by being stuck in traffic on the way to the airport.

Having a weather app can reduce this stress somewhat by allowing you to be prepared for anything. When you can see that a storm is about to hit, you can plan to check your flight’s status. Traffic apps can also help with avoiding the jams on the way into the airport, or at least choosing the least congested route.

Internet Speed Important in Hotels

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According to the 2015 Hotel Pet Peeve Survey, many of us rate a hotel by the speed of the Internet. Expensive or very slow Internet connections are the things of nightmares for frequent flyers who are trying to work remotely. We’ve all been there—trying to download something that is taking far too long—and we’re all pretty dependent on the web nowadays, so it stands to reason that a tortoise of an Internet isn’t going to win hotels any groupies.

Many travelers report that they think there is no viable excuse for having a spotty Internet connection, and for this reason they are intolerant of it. The same goes for costs—we don’t see why we should have to pay a lot of money for something that we now see as a necessity.

Looking for hotels that offer free Wi-Fi is one way to avoid getting irritated by extra charges. Many hotel rating sites also now list Internet availability, so some shallow web digging will tell you what to expect.

Randomly Expensive Flights Are Irksome

When asked what his biggest airport pet peeves were, The Gate’s Brian Cohen answered that flights that are randomly more expensive than others for the dates and times that he wishes to book in comparison to other times really annoy him. Even when the company is paying, it seems that we get irritated when we see the price of our desired flight leap up in comparison to other similar flights that leave at different times.

Maybe this signifies that travelers don’t trust that airports are giving them the best deals when they have to be specific about when they fly? Having a corporate relationship with a preferred travel partner is one way to make sure that your business is getting the best deal possible.

Clashing with Holiday Traffic Should be Avoided

Business Travel Pet Peeves
This wasn’t you was it?

When Groundlink polled 5,000 business travelers, it found that nearly half of those asked said that they particularly hate flying close to a national holiday because of the vacation traffic. Airports full of leisure travelers are daunting to the road warrior, who resents the longer lines and noisier flights.

Forty-five percent said that they avoid the day before Thanksgiving as the airports are swamped with people, and 25 percent cited Christmas and New Years as the worst times to be traveling.

Only tip that we can offer here, is not to go on a work trip during the holidays—take some time off and get festive instead!

Staying Connected to Work and Home

It seems obvious that we may find it difficult to stay connected with friends and family when we’re are out of town a lot—time zone differentials can make talk time with kids and loved ones difficult, plus of course there is your busy schedule. However, even staying connected with clients and colleagues when on the road can be troublesome. This is likely one of the reasons why Internet access is so important to frequent flyers.

Conference call dialing apps such as MobileDay mean that travelers can lose the annoying dial in process and get into calls faster. Anything that makes getting connected easier, means that you’ll be more likely to make the effort to get onto a call.

Bottom Line: We cannot control the traffic, but we can control our presence in it. Planning ahead and using apps and other tools can help you avoid the little things that annoy you when you are traveling. Reducing stress in as many areas as you can will help you not only be more productive at work, but happier too!


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