The Best 10 Business Travel Apps of 2015 [Infographic]

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Business travel can be a real pain in the proverbial! You’ve got to remember to pack all the right stuff. You can’t forget your travel documents or they won’t let you board the plane. You don’t know what the weather will do, and it’s hard to keep in touch with home while you are away.

If you’re having any of the above problems you’re not using your apps as well as you could be. There is an app for just about everything these days, and 2015 was a great year for app growth. Here are some of our favorite business travel apps of 2015. Let us know what yours were too!



Our Top Business Travel Apps of 2016 were:

  1. Triplist. Your packing list app that will make sure you remember all the important things.
  2. Gateguru. Watching the terminal for you so that you can get to the gate in time.
  3. WeatherPro. Watching the weather at your destination—in case you need to pack your umbrella.
  4. Tripit. For travel expenses. You won’t need to keep paper receipts any more.
  5. SeatGuru. So you can find the best seat available. Who wants the window seat?
  6. Uber. So you can get out of the airport. Because airports suck!
  7. FullContact. So you can keep in contact. Because contacts are good for business.
  8. Airbnb. So you can get the best accommodation—a home away from home.
  9. HotelTonight. So you can find a bed. Last minute.
  10. MobileDay. A conference call dialing app that takes the hassle out of staying connected.

Interested on more business travel app tips? Download our eBook:

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