Top 6 Accommodations for Business Travel [Slideshow]

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If you are away on business travel a lot, you know the importance of having a good place to stay. No, you want a great place to stay!

Our surrounding environment affects how we feel, our mood, our energy levels, our ability to concentrate, and our ability to sleep well. All of these things can add up to having a fabulous or devastating affect on your next business meeting, conference call, or client communication. If you want to perform the best that you can, you know that you need to be comfortable, well rested, well fed, and happy.

That’s why we’ve complied this slideshow list of the top six accommodations for business travel. We’ve taken a slightly different approach, and while we have considered price and other more generic accommodation factors, we’ve also thought about the things that are important to you: comfort, Internet connection, community, food offerings, personal space, surroundings, meeting room availability, etc.

You are not the average business traveler, so we don’t expect you to want to stay in the average accommodation. Here’s our list of the better-than-average.*

Top 6 Accommodations for Business Travel

* Numbers and data presented in this slideshow were correct at the time of publishing. Check individual accommodation websites in order to find the most recent information.

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One Response to “Top 6 Accommodations for Business Travel [Slideshow]”

  1. Michael Eckhoff

    Seriously, Airbnb? Fine for a vacation, but for business? I tried it once in Silicon Valley, just something odd about sleeping in some guys apartment while he crashes on a friends couch. Love the model, but for business travel, give me a boutique hotel or a chain any day.


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