Top 6 Places to Stay on Business Travel [Infographic]

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If you are away on business travel a lot, then you are probably used to staying in hotels and other accommodations that are considered to be traditional places for frequent flyers to stay.

We’ve complied a list of the six best places for business travelers to stay, but we think that you’ll be surprised to see that we’ve not chosen the most traditional type of accommodation as our number one!


Yes, our top pick for business travel was Airbnb. Here is some further information as to why we chose the sharing economy giant as our number one.

Airbnb for Business Travel

MobileDay’s Top Pick: After recently launching Airbnb for Business, the sharing economy’s accommodation solution is proving itself as a cost effective, convenient, and collaboration-inspiring option for the business traveler. First Airbnb won over the leisure industry, now it is en route to conquer business travel. Here are just a couple of reasons why we think Airbnb is a great option for your mobile workforce’s stay away.

Value for Businesses

Sharing economy services such as Airbnb offer more for less with multiple rooms, kitchens, and options in many markets which have traditionally had few accommodations options. Taking on the leisure accommodation industry to start with, Airbnb has proven that many people want options on where to stay, and now they are showcasing that understanding in the business travel accommodation market. The bottom line is, that sharing economy services can be applied in the business realm to help businesses succeed.

Convenience for Travelers

Airbnb for Business allows travelers to book via a company profile, so individuals do not have to directly deal with expenses—rather the bill goes straight to the company’s accounting department.

Additionally, with almost 2,000,000 rooms listed worldwide—Airbnb offer travelers far greater choice, and business travelers will undoubtedly be able to find accommodations within walking distance of their conference location or morning meeting spot.

Collaboration-Inspiring Environment

For groups of traveling employees, there is the option to stay together in a home rather than separate out into individual hotel rooms. The impact of this is that employees spend more down-time together, and build better relationships, and at a potentially lower cost. For teams working together on projects while they travel, the shared space can lend room to ad-hoc brainstorming and idea generation in a way that the formal meeting room cannot compete.

# Listed accommodations: almost 2,000,000
# Countries: 190+
# Cities: 34,000+
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