Top Ten Podcasts for the Business Traveler

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Podcasts for the Business Traveler

When you’re on the road a lot, having something to listen to can be almost as good as having a travel companion to chat with. A good podcast can make all the difference when you’re waiting at the airport, or stuck in traffic. Plus, listening to something while you are in motion is a great alternative to reading for those of us who get travel nausea.

Here are our top ten podcasts for the business traveler:

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Extra Pack of Peanuts

Do you remember when the flight attendants used to give out packets of peanuts before takeoff? Extra Pack of Peanuts will tell you how to put your earned miles and points to good use, and how to get the best deals via a quirky and fun travel show. This is not business travel specific, but if you do get a free afternoon when you are visiting a new city for work, you might like to know the best way to spend it.

Entrepreneur Podcast Network

You might have guessed it from the name, the Entrepreneur Podcast Network focuses on things that are important and relevant to entrepreneurs. Covering a wide range of different industries, the show features innovators from all professions. From top chefs to inventors to tech startup founders, there is something for everyone.

Freakonomics Radio

Freakonomics has sold more than four million copies worldwide, and the podcast has a similar theme to that of the book in that it looks at economic research as it pertains to all sorts of everyday phenomena. The show asks all manner of interesting questions, such as, “Why do people keep having children?” and, “How to save $1 billion without even trying.” If you like a bit of controversy and something to challenge the way that you perceive the world, you’ll enjoy the Freakonomics radio podcast!

Inc. Uncensored

The Inc. Uncensored podcast is a weekly roundup of all the goings on at Inc. Conversation topics usually circle around startups, tech, entrepreneurs—the “uncensored” part refers to the fact that the contributors really don’t hold back when they have an opinion on something. They also swear. Shocking.

Slate Money

A less censored version of the publication, Slate Money is similar to Inc. Uncensored but with a focus on money and anything finance related. You’ll learn about anything from how Uber really works to what you should be doing in terms of your pension. Listen to this podcast after you have listened to The Eventual Millionaire and you’ll know what to do with all those millions that you are going to make.


You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to find the discussions on Startup interesting. The series follows startups (surprise, surprise!) and gives an in-depth look at the antics of those involved. Most recently, an online dating startup. We’re hoping that they get around to featuring MobileDay as a one-touch conference call dialing startup. Who says that conference calls aren’t as interesting as online dating?

How Did This Get Made?

Ever watched a movie so bad that you wondered how on earth someone somewhere didn’t have the good sense to trash the entire thing before it made it to your screen? How Did This Get Made? tries to answer those sorts of questions every week. Perfect if you’ve just watched something cringeworthy on your in-flight entertainment

The Introvert Entrepreneur

Who says that only extroverts can be entrepreneurs? Not Beth Buelow, who presents a 30 minute show dedicated to nurturing the introvert entrepreneurs among us. You don’t have to be an introvert to listen to and learn something from this show. The chances are, that even if you are an extravert, you work with introverts, so you might learn important notes on how to motivate your less extraverted colleagues.

Green Connections Radio

Sustainable travel is important, especially since the business travel industry predicts that we’re only going to be flying more often in years to come. Green Connections Radio is a weekly 20 minute podcast looking into issues in the sustainability space and presenting innovative clean tech ideas.

The Eventual Millionaire

Want to know how the world’s top millionaire entrepreneurs got successful? The Eventual Millionaire’s entertaining case studies will tell you. You’ll be inspired, and you might even learn something about how to transform your failures into feedback and really go for the things that you want.



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