Online Meeting Tips Nobody Told You

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As a follow-on to our last post on some conference call and video conferencing tips that you should know about, we’ve got some more online meeting gems for you.

Tip 1: Keep your hands where we can see them!

If you are a hand talker, and you use a lot of gestures to give power to your points when you talk, keep your hands within the screen frame when you are in an online meeting.

In conference calls you might want to try and tone down the hand waving a tad too. Due to the lack of additional body language cues that your audience has available to them, overly eager hand gestures can come across as aggressive. Save the waving arms for the driver who cuts you up on the highway, and calm it down for your video meeting.

Tip 2: Sit confident

This is a great trick for times when you are a little nervous or feeling out of your depth. It’s a bit of a fake-it-until-you-make-it sort of tip, but it works all the same: sit up straight.

If you have a nervous dog, you probably know that you can inspire confidence in you pup simply by grabbing ahold of his tail and lifting it up from between his back legs. Sitting up straight has the same affect on you, and it tells the other meeting attendees that you believe that you know what you are talking about.

Tip 3: Actually know what you are talking about …

You stick an iron rod up your back so that you are sitting up straight, but that’s still only going to buy you about five minutes before the other meeting attendees write you off if everything that comes out of your mouth is utter garbage.

Know your topic inside out. Know your presentation. Know your subject matter. Know your audience.

Tip 4: Vary your vocals

The inflection of your voice has the power to influence what other people think of you—it’s a bit like your clothes and your surroundings. Try and maintain an even and relaxed tone. You should also very your vocal pitch in the same manner that you might when talking to someone face-to-face. This will keep your tone interesting, which will keep your audience interested.

Tip 5: Put your best face forward

This is another one of those tips that sounds really superficial, and it is, but it’s true all the same because humans are superficial—even those who think that they are above it all make vision-based judgements.bird-mirror

Which is your best side? What lighting makes your face look best? Does your seat hight work? We’re not suggesting that you spend more time preening than you do presenting, but we’re just putting it out there that you should consider the visual elements to your online meeting.

Obviously the biggest tip here, is to get into the meeting unflustered in the first place by downloading and using the MobileDay app—duh!

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