4 Reasons Regular Meetings Can Benefit Businesses

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regular meetings

Meetings have a bad rep. Most people stifle a groan or an eye roll at the very thought of an AGM or a monthly department meeting. Then there are all those weekly management meetings, or team planning and strategy meetings. That’s not to mention the one-on-ones that many managers hold with team members, and the inter-team brainstorm sessions.

Meetings are a large part of the internal functioning of most businesses. So why aren’t we more excited about them?

The problem isn’t the meeting, It’s what’s going on in the meeting. If you don’t look forward to meetings, that is the first sign that something is going wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, here are some reasons why you should fight to make your meetings more interesting:

Reasons Regular Meetings Can Benefit Businesses:

1. Team Meetings Can Be Team Fuel

Especially if you work in a largely independent environment, regular team meetings can inject some spark into your day. Coming out of your usual work “zone” and entering a group environment reminds you that you are part of something bigger than you. Team meetings really shouldn’t be a dreaded and dreary role-call reminiscent check in, they should be inspiring and energetic.

2. Meetings Make Things Happen

It sounds obvious, because why would we ever have meetings if we didn’t want to get something done? But sometimes this little nugget seems to get forgotten. Employees who meet regularly to check up on the status of a project get things done because they have the reminder that other people are depending on them.

3. Meetings Get Problems Resolved Faster

Lively discussion of problems and work-related hinderances usually results in a team-generated solution, which means obstacles are overcome at a faster rate also. It also means that team members learn about the daily challenges that other people are facing, and they are therefore able to better understand what might be holding progress up. Not only that, they get to be part of the solution if they feel inspired to help.

4. Meetings Can Increase Team Cooperation

For the same reasons as listed above, and more, meetings can improve cooperation. When people actually talk to one another something happens that cannot be achieved via email or slack communication alone—they remember that they are human beings. Tone of voice is a huge indicator of feeling, and you can tell if a colleague is nervous or excited about something the second they speak. These are the things that endear us to one another.

And remember, you don’t always have to be in the same office to hold regular meetings. Online meetings and conference calls can work just as well. Plus, with the free MobileDay app, you don’t have to deal with the dreaded dial in, which makes actually getting into a meeting call effortless too.


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