Stand Up to Improve Your Meeting Productivity

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Meeting Productivity

Developers and agile teams have been onto stand up meetings for a while already. Now it’s about time the rest of the business world understood the productivity benefits of standing during pow-wows.

It’s sort of obvious when you think about it: standing up puts you into more of a “Go!” mode than sitting down does. You sit down when you are tired, or sleepy. If you sit down in a meeting you are much more likely to suddenly become tired or sleepy even when you weren’t before.

Sleepy people don’t do things as fast as non-sleepy people do. If you don’t think that our sleepiness analysis is enough to convince you that you should stand during your meetings however, that’s okay: science has proved it.

Basically, a group of researchers took two groups of participants and gave them a challenge. The task, was to pretend that you are a group of astronauts who crash landed on the moon. The crash broke the majority of your ship’s instruments, so as a team you have to decide what equipment is the most important to your survival.

One group had to stand while carrying out this task, and the other group were given the option of sitting. Both groups completed the task, but the standing group completed it significantly faster. The consensus? Stand when you need to get stuff done quickly.

Another study published in SAGE Journals concluded that a non-sedentary workspace increases group arousal and ultimately results in a better group performance.

It stands to reason (pun intended), therefore, that conclusions and decisions will be reached sooner when teams of colleagues stand up to have them. The good news for those of you who take the majority of your meetings out of the office and dial into conference calls is that you can stand even if the rest of the group is not.

With MobileDay downloaded onto your smartphone, you can dial into your meetings with one touch. Perfect for when you want to stand up or walk around as you listen and talk.

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