4 Free iPhone Business Apps You Should Be Using

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The next generation of iPhone apps are showing their value in terms of streamlining workflows, making those everyday bothersome tasks easier, and generally helping us to all be more productive—both in the office and out.

The iPhone has some capabilities—such as extensions that allow apps to work with and pull information from one another, and the “Today” view that lets a number of different apps display pertinent notifications in one place—that make it a pretty serious personal productivity tool.

So what apps should you be using, if you are not already?

Here’s a few to get you going:

MoblieDay (Free)

Another thing that nobody should have to do if they own an iPhone is dial a number. There is only one instance where you might have to dial nowadays, and that is to get onto a conference call or into an online meeting. You know, all those flipping PIN numbers and passcodes that you have to punch in? Then you misdial and have to do it all again. Sucks.

MobileDay doesn’t want you to have to go thorough that stress. This nifty little app connects with your online calendar, then pulls your dial in codes and meeting information from there. Then, when it is time for you to get onto your call, the app will send you a notification, and give you one-touch access directly into the call.

Hopper (Free)

Hopper helps you to figure out when the ideal time to fly is. Even when you are traveling on business, you should be keeping costs low—especially if you work for a startup.

Tell the app your destination, and it’ll show you a calendar with a load of prices on it. It is a nice way to optimize your flight costs if you are a frequent flyer.

Onedrive (Free)

There is no shortage of storage platforms for iOS, but today we’d like to highlight OneDrive as a great app for business users because it has a really legit integration with Windows (if you use Windows, that is). This means that the app will allow you to grab files from anywhere on your iPhone and if you are using Office, this is a great time saver.

CamCard ($0.99)

Okay, so this one is not “free,” but it’s less than a buck, and we really like it! When was the last time that you ever gave out a business card? No, when was the last time that you were given a business card, and what did you do with it?

Most business cards have a magnetic relationship with trash cans. They are also fond of dwelling deep in the bottom of pockets—until they find themselves tumbling about in the surf of a washing machine only to end up in a squidgy mess at the bottom of a pile of clean laundry.

We don’t use business cards effectively anymore because we cannot copy and paste the information from a piece of cardboard into the Contacts section of our iPhone. But wait, there’s CamCard. This app allows you to snap a picture of that business card before you toss it into the trash. It pulls the important stuff, like name, number, job, and email address, then creates a card in your Contacts with that information. Nice!

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