Three Meeting Apps that Make Meetings Happen

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Meeting Apps

Why should you be using meeting apps?

Because sometimes actually getting into your meeting needs some TLC.

We’re always being told that meetings are too boring, and there is a lot of literature out there to help us make them less so. Death by Meeting for example, is a popular workplace effectiveness book that illustrates the difference between an engaging and productive meeting, and a tedious and dreaded one.

But what about all the parts and actions that have to happen to help you actually get into your meeting in the first place? Obstacles such as conflicting schedules, confusing conference bridges, and poor cell reception can get in the way, but they don’t have to. Apps to the rescue!

Meeting Apps that Make Meetings Happen

So you’ve found the person that matters, the one who is going to be able to help you with whatever it is that you need to do—reach your monthly sales target, gather the information that you need for that crucial decision, help you move a step further towards that corporate deal—but they are really busy! And so are you!

The process of actually finding a suitable time to meet—even when you are meeting via phone—can be tantalizingly difficult. And there is always the potential for losing momentum if you wait too long to find a time. is an online scheduler which allows other people to see your schedule and book a time to meet with you directly. No more back and forth!

Those who only schedule meetings for themselves and people working within the voluntary sector can use for free, but their premium account offers some nice extras.


You’ve got your meeting time all set up, and you’ve been sent conference bridge information. You have the call marked in your calendar. All set, right?

The time comes, and you pick up your phone only to discover that you’ve lost the conference bridge PIN number. You frantically search through your emails and, after a lot of cursing, you find the PIN. Then you have to go back to your phone and enter it. Your fumbling fingers let you down on the first and second attempts. Finally, on the third try, you enter that darn PIN number correctly and arrive into your meeting—five minutes late!

Not with MobileDay. MobileDay syncs with your calendar, fetches the necessary PIN numbers and conference bridge codes, then presents you with one-touch call entry at the time of your meeting. You’ll never know how you lived without it!

MobileDay has a free basic plan for people who use fewer than ten calls per month. The Pro and Business packages, however, offer an array of cool extra features and unlimited calls for as little as $1.99 per month.


What about times when there are ten people from different organizations who all need to be on a call? Where do you begin with the process of arranging a time that will suit multiple individuals? Often these people are in different time zones, too!

Another scheduling app, but doodle is perfect for when there are more than two people who need to be on the meeting. It’s more like a polling station for meeting times. The organizer can set up the poll so that multiple days and times are offered as meeting time suggestions. The attendees then vote for the times that suit them best.

There is a free version of Doodle available, but if you are going to use it often, you’ll probably want their premium plan.

Making meetings happen in the first place is so much easier when you allow the technology that is available to you to help!

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