5 Ways to BE the Value in Sales

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This blog post is an excerpt from our Free eBook: Is Sales Dead. 

It’s no longer a salesperson’s job to convince a prospect why their product is needed. So what can a salesperson do in order to add value to a prospects journey?

How much does this person know about your product already, and what do they need from you in terms of information?

Don’t be tempted to run every prospect through your whole sales spiel. Instead, access each customer individually, decipher where they are in terms of their decision making process, and work out how you can be helpful.

Add Information

Try to determine straight off the bat what your prospect needs from you in order to help them make their decision. You’re biggest challenge here, is

finding out what your prospect doesn’t already know. Once you know what they don’t know, you can provide them with that information.

Get Your Timing Right

Ask the right questions, at the right time. Present the right information, at the right time. Timing has always been a skill in sales, but now that your

prospects are prone to get both overwhelmed and underwhelmed more easily than ever before, good timing could be the value that you add to their process.

Find the Right Person

There is nothing more disheartening than nurturing a prospect and then finding out that they are not the decision maker—unless you know that you need

an internal referral to get you closer. You may have to climb a ladder within an organization in order to get your product in front of someone with the power to implement it, but if that is the case, plan for it. Do your homework, set your target, then plan what you need to do in order to get to them. If you don’t you are wasting both your time, and your prospects.


Your prospect needs to know that you “get” their situation. Especially now that they have so many options at their disposal, having a human being to

talk to and work through issues with is of value to them. Listen to their pain points and work with your prospect to try and fix them.

Be Human

Your prospect needs to like you. If they don’t there is another salesperson with a similar product just a couple of mouse-button clicks away.

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