How to Use Social Media as a Sales Tool

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Social media isn’t about just being social—it’s probably your most effective sales tool.

As far as a sales rep is concerned, social media is actually social selling—and that’s okay! If you use social media well, it’ll help you learn more about your prospect, understand what they need, and you’ll be a better and more educated consultant as a result.

We asked, and discovered that almost 50 percent of our survey respondents use Twitter for sales-related networking. With that many people doing it, it has to be worth a look.

You can also establish a relationship and build trust via social media. As David Carnegie wrote in How to Win Friends and Influence People, changing the way that people think and building relationships are the linchpins of success.

Don’t Skip the Small Talk

Making friends is much easier when you are real, and sometimes it is easy to forget that you are a real human when on social media. You wouldn’t walk into a party full of people who you don’t know and immediately expect them all to like you without the necessary small talk—the same is true online.

Identify the people you wish to engage with, and then find some common ground to start a conversation with them about. Be inquisitive, and learn from the small talk.

Listen and Read

Social selling requires you to build and nurture relationships rather than seek transactions. Get involved in discussions, ask questions, and listen well.

Social media is not a once a week effort. It is an every day, multiple times a day investment. In order to better understand your connections, you’ll want to do your homework, keep engaging with them, and ultimately get to know them.

According to Donal Daly, Founder and CEO of The TAS Group, 2016 is the year of the customer. Daly says that customer focus is bound to be the key to success in 2016 sales. Using social media to help you better know your customer will be important for you.

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