Who Is the Best Salesperson in the Room?

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This blog post is an excerpt from our Free eBook: Is Sales Dead. 

Twenty years ago, the best salesperson in the room was the person who was willing to go the extra mile when it came to researching and getting to know her client. She’d embark on travel just to scope out a potential customer’s office space. She’d sleuth and snoop to stun her prospects in a manner not too dissimilar than that of the paparazzi. Now, all she has to do is log in to LinkedIn.

Tech Tools Even Out the Playing Field

Selling is more efficient, and tools that sync between various devices mean that you can stay connected wherever you are. In the office or on theroad, you can call, text, or email not only with your prospects, but with your entire sales team. Take MobileDay’s one-touch conference calling app for example. You can make a call, fast, from anywhere.

“When you take the easiest path to the sale you will get inconsistent results. If you choose the most difficult path to the sale you will achieve consistent success. Easy = Ineffective. Difficult = Superstar.”
– Dave Kurlan

Location is not a thing anymore

Unless you are a gardening service, there is no such thing as “local” anymore. National and global competitors make it all the more difficult to win business

because they increase the level of competition. They also turn up the volume; your prospect is existing in a very noisy environment, and it can be hard to make yourself heard. That’s not to say that it is impossible, but you’ll have to rely on your product less, and yourself more when it comes to landing a prospect.

So with all this information in mind, you can understand why some people are asking the question:

Are salespeople even needed anymore?

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