Let MobileDay Put You in a Better Mood

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The notion that happy people are more productive people is one upon which MobileDay was founded on. We want your work place to be somewhere that you enjoy being—a place that you feel empowered and productive, and most importantly, you are happy. Sure, your pay package helps with that, but so do the smaller everyday things. Such as good office coffee, a computer that works, and the occasional box of donuts.

With high stake deals and negotiations occurring every five minutes, it makes such a difference when people are in at least . . . a semi-good mood. Your clients and partners don’t want to deal with grumpy people either, so staying upbeat is pretty important—especially on the tougher days.

That’s where our one-touch conference call dialing app MobileDay comes in. It’s one of those small things that makes every day just that little bit more enjoyable.

Let your day be more like this:


And less like this:


What’s better than doing a good thing every now and then? Doing it regularly!

People who use MobileDay report that they have a significantly lower stress level, but people who use MobileDay regularly become even happier. Sure you’ll feel good working out after it’s been six months, but if you don’t do it on a regular basis, you won’t see results.

Try on MobileDay and make it your go to app for conference call efficiency, so you can avoid going home and yelling at your dog.

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