10 Work-Related New Year’s Resolutions

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Stuck for a New Year’s resolution? We’ve got some ideas for you.

New Year’s resolutions provide us with a time to reflect and rethink—if we want to. Most people like the thought of moving forward rather than back, and making things better while doing so. Here are a couple of New Years Resolutions that you should be able to stick with through 2016.

  1. hands on clayLearn something new. Even if you choose to learn something that is not directly business related (i.e. take up playing an instrument, a new sport, or a craft.) you’ll probably learn something from the experience that will benefit your career.
  2. Join a networking group. You’ll meet new people. New people bring new ideas, and fresh perspectives. Not got time to get to an in-person group? No problem, you’ll find plenty on the web.
  3. Stop eating the office donuts.
  4. Give Back. Seriously. There are a number of ways that you can give back to the community—from sending the local humane society a donation to volunteering at your local homeless shelter.
  5. Schedule more time out. Just for you. You’ll feel fresher as a result, and your brain and body will benefit.
  6. Play a game a day. Even if it is just a quick word game on your smartphone, games prime the brain for greatness.images
  7. Revise your technology. Tech is changing all the time, and the chances are that there is an app for whatever it is that is bugging you, but you’ve just not found it yet. Especially in the workplace, upgrading and revisiting your technology often will keep you on top of what’s out there.
  8. Speak to someone new in the office. It doesn’t have to be more than just a “Hello, how are you?”
  9. If you are a procrastinator: stop it.
  10. Delegate more. So that you have more time to do the above.

MobileDay would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and a bright start to 2016. We hope that we can continue to get you all into conference calls faster with one-touch dialing, and that we’ll find other ways to make your work life easier too.

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