Make MobileDay Calls and Get Rewards!

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MobileDay Calls are Better Calls

We all hate being late. Have you noticed that even the most valid of excuses seem to sound hollow when you’ve entered a meeting just a couple of minutes behind everyone else? So what would life be like if you could avoid that whole conversation all together?

If it were a math equation, it would look like this:

Conference calls + MobileDay’s one touch dialing = Rock Star First Impression + Less Stress.

Take the stress out of dialing

How many times have you gotten onto a call a little bit ticked because you couldn’t find where you had placed your access code to get into the call? Probably about as many times as you’ve thought about ducking out of the office early today.

You’ve got a lot to do, and there aren’t enough hours in the day. Sometimes it is those little—yet frequent—annoying tasks that can drop a bird poop on top of your busy day.

Put some mojo into your day

Why do we care? Because we think MobileDay is one of the most brilliant solutions to workplace efficiency. It’s a small, free, addition to your smartphone’s app collection that will make a big difference every time you need to make a call.

Using MobileDay as your conference call entry point sets you up to win because it eliminates the worry and stress associated with being late. When you are less fractious, you perform better. It’s that simple.

A little experiment never hurt anyone. What do you say you use MobileDay for all of your conference calling this week, and just make a mental note of the difference it makes for you? Plus, the more calls you make with MobileDay means we sign you up for prizes and treats you’d be a fool to miss out on!

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