Make More Calls and Reduce Stress Levels

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No really! Make more calls and reduce stress.

What’s the deal with workplace stress?

Stress: as a minor infrequent occurrence, it is nothing to write home about. We all experience the “fight or flight” feeling for a myriad of reasons—accidentally running a stop sign, being late to a meeting, forgetting to lock the back gate and realizing that the dog has gotten out—and a certain amount of stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life.

Common culprits of stress: work, home life, relationships, work, family, and work to name a few.

However, when stress starts to interfere with your ability to live a normal life, there can be significant consequences, such as poor sleep, irritability, inability to deal with even minor problems, and some really scary health conditions can manifest.

Research over the years has pointed to a common fact that individuals who experience prolonged work related stress over a period of time have a higher instance of heart disease.

Small, regular stressors can have a big long-term effect

When a big stressor hits, you are usually aware of it because you have to drop everything and sort it out right away. We’re talking things like a burst water main; or getting canned at work; or missing a flight. Usually these big stressors have an immediate impact, but they also have a pretty speedy resolution. A good nights sleep and you are right as rain again the next day.

Work related stress is often associated with the smaller, more frequent stressors that can pop up over hundreds of scenarios—you guessed it, the one we like to focus on is the dreaded conference call. Despite being nobody’s preferred method of communication, conference calls are becoming more and more popular as we propel ourselves into this ever expanding digital age. And if you make five calls a day, that’s five times you’ve got to stress out over trying to dial in.

Resources for dealing with stress

The good news is that you can utilize internal and external resources to keep yourself in check.

Internal resources:

  • Identifying the sources of stress so that you can work out how to lessen them.
  • Getting on well with your colleagues so that you can go to them for support, or to let off steam.
  • Conditioning yourself to walk away when you are angry rather than staying and blowing your top.
  • Doing exercises that help you to rest your brain—take a breather for a hot second!

External resources:

We’re only going to name one: MobileDay!

We might not be able to fix that broken water main for you, but at least you won’t be late onto your next call!

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