How MobileDay’s Conference Calling App Gives You More Time

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 Faster Than Office Gossip Spreads NewThere are a lot of apps out there!

There is an app for everything these days. We communicate, work, shop, play, and learn via the applications that we download onto our smartphone. There is also a huge amount of choice out there for you. Hundreds of apps and new gadgets to try are being thrown at you every single day. Apps are also usually pretty easy to try out. You simply download from the app store and off you go!

We know all that, but we still believe that MobileDay is unique. And we’re so convinced that you are going to love our app, that we’re prepared to blow up the www vortex to show why we believe MobileDay makes a big difference in your work day!

By this point you’ve had a look around the app, and there are probably things you like and things you don’t like. If that is the case, then let us know. We always want to hear about it so feel free to give us a shout.

Why MobileDay’s Conference Calling App?

MobileDay saves you time, which in return saves you money. “Time is money” isn’t a new concept for any of us, and no matter how much we try and get around it, it’s true on some level for every stage of business.

How exactly does MobileDay save you time and money?

Say it takes you three minutes to get onto a conference call the traditional route (we’re being conservative because you’re totally faster than that), and you have 10 conference calls per week. That’s thirty minutes of every week that you are spending searching for dial-in codes, struggling to find PIN numbers, and goofing up the sequence on your keypad. Thirty minutes every week of sucky conference call hell.

With MobileDay, you are on the call with one touch, meaning it requires zero time on your end. So all of a sudden you have 30 freed up work minutes per week! What’ll you do with all that time?

Save Time. Spend Time.

You could:

  • Do some exercise: get on the floor and give us 300 crunches, or take a jog.
  • Stare at the wall and pretend that you’re meditating.
  • Connect with a family member who you haven’t talked to in a while. Hi Mom!
  • Slow down and enjoy your lunch hour without eating while working. Your keyboard will be saved from food gunk.
  • Do some online shopping.  Amazon Prime anyone?
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  1. We use Good for the Enterprise at Dell as our mobile email. How can I connect calendar events and invites there to mobile day? Is it easier to do so some way via Outlook from the desktop? Love mobile day and would like to be able to more seamlessly integrate it with our desktop and mobile environment.


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